• Bullet Dotted Journal - Index & Numbered Pages with Label, 5.25" x 8.25", Thick Paper with Inner Poc未推广
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  • Release time:2024-4-24 9:58:16

  • Price:11.99

  • ★ CHIC DOTTED JOURNAL: 4 index pages + 124 numbered pages for easy organization and notes. 64 sheet(128 pages) in total, rounded arc corners including 124 dotted grid pages with page marker in our dotted journal.
    ★ FREE LITTLE LABEL: The dotted journal comes with a little label for the cover and spine that allow for clear labeling and archiving.
    ★ PREMIUM THICK PAPER: Thicker paper resistant to aggressive wet inks so let your inner artist out! (Increased resistance to ink leakage, rough erasing, and shading). Reduce the print on the reverse side. No bleach and acid-free, off-white paper can effectively protect your eyesight.
    ★ WEIGHT REDUCTION: Reduce weight to reduce postage. Well-package portable dotted journal which can be easily placed in backpack, it is easier to carry with no matter where you go.
    ★ FUNCTIONAL DOTTED JOURNAL: The elastic closure of dotted journal keeps it securely closed + You can make a better mark with 2 bookmarks + Free label sticker + Opens flat + Inner pocket, it’s convenient for you to pack business cards and stickers - 5.25" x 8.25".


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    • Smooth Faux Leather / Dotted grid notebook
    • 4 index pages / 124 numbered pages / 2 bookmarks
    • Banded / Inner pocket


    Free label for the cover and spine that allow for clear labeling and archiving

    dotted journal

    Portable Dotted Notebook/Journal On The Go!


    • 180° opens flat dotted notebook/journal so let your reading more comfortable and note-taking efficiency. Enjoy your writing by hand with no distractions.
    • Reduce weight to reduce postage. Well-package portable dotted notebook/journal which can be easily placed in backpack, it is easier to carry with no matter where you go. Its compact size and lightweight design allows you to carry it everywhere.

    Ideal for Dotted Notebook/Journaland Planner!

    Color of dotted notebook/journal: Teal

    Size of Dotted Notebook/journal: 5.25 x 8.4 x 0.6 inches

    Weight of dotted notebook/journal: 0.7 pounds

    Pages of dotted notebook/journal: 64 sheet(128 pages)

    dotted journal

    Paper Weight:

    Thicker paper of dotted notebook/journal resistant to aggressive wet inks so let your inner artist out! (Increased resistance to bleeding, rough erasing, and shading). Reduce the print on the reverse side. 40% - 60% thicker than normal dotted notebook/journal.

    The paper of dotted notebook/journal is made from wood pulp of environmentally sustainable trees and we use recyclable, acid-free and no fluorescent paper. Anti-nearsighted off-white paper is good for eyes.

    We believe that you will fall in love with our dotted notebook/journal while you get it.

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